Master behind the screen play, direction and more...

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It may be easy to say " I know Mahabharatham". But in reality, some one have to prepare scripts, music, backgrounds, dancers, how an artist should appear on stage, timing and so on... are the critical path of any  Dance Musical production.

Cutest couples  Mr. Madurai R. Muralidaran and Uma have been appearing in Canadian stages for more than 5 years.  one of those successful and respected dancers in International level.

With a short period with mix of dancers, artists, and new faces to drama, all appeared in one stage to show case an outstanding production "Yagnaseni".


Tamil Chair @ Harvard is the motto

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From Left to right: 

Dr . S. Thirugnanasambandam, Mr. Sivan Ilangko, Mrs. Nirothini Pararajasingam, Mr. A. Muttulingam

Dr. Vijay Janakiraman and Dr. S. Thirugnanasambandam both contributed 0.5 million each as a combined total of 1 million U.S dollars toward a Tamil Chair @ Harvard University.  Once they contributed, they are asking the Tamils all over the world to contribute to raise the 6.0 million dollars.

Canadian Tamil Congress and Niro Dance Creation joined hands and did this "Yagnaseni" as a fundraising Dance Musical.


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Harikishan S Nair -  What an act as Duryodhana. 

Some Moments fro "Yagnaseni"

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