Vadhya Pravaham - A Treat for all ages

Sangeetha Vidwan ThanaThevi Mithradeva

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Carnatic Music and Dance are getting significant importance among Canadian Tamils. We recently witnessed 50 years of teaching excellence of Mrs. Thanathevi Mithradeva's  and her School's ( Sruti Laya Fine Arts Academy)  20th Anniversary Celebration event at Richmond hill Theater for Performing Arts.

Event was well planned and organized by her students.

Students Violin Performance

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Group of Guest Dance Teachers ( Smt. Devaki Kulathungabharathy,  Smt. Rajani Sakthiruban, Smt. Malini Pararajasingam, Smt. Senthiselvi Sureswaran, Smt. Atputharani Kiruparaj, Smt. Vanitha Kugenthiran) performed "Nava Rasa" along with live Orchestra.

This is the first of it's kind anyone witnessed in Canadian Tamil events.  A senior teacher who has put more than 50 years in music industry had an amazing support from Musicians and Dance Teachers.


Another senior Dance Teacher Smt. Shantha Ponnuthurai's students danced for Thiruppukal.  Only few schools teach music and dance under one roof. SRUTI LAYA Fine Arts Academy run by two prominent and experience Guru.


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Ninaivukal congratulates Smt. Thanathevy Mithradeva for her 50 years of musical teaching excellence and 20 years of Sruti Laya Fine Arts Academy.

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