Do not miss! , Mark your calendar Dec 3rd 5:00 P.M

Thadaikalai Thaandu -  This  production focusing on awareness about Autism.  For some reason, there is a desperate need for South Asians to be educated about autism in order to increase awareness and decrease the stigma. It is unfortunate that South Asians are unwilling to accept issues which are facing their community directly.  

In Western world,  there are lot of research  about autism and some proven steps taken to improve the ability of the impacted kid to significant level by  dance therapy.

Prima Dance School  initiated a program to support the autism impacted kids to directly focusing on the development of motor skill or physical release by dance.

There is a social stigma among parents isolating the kids  not to mingle with the kids those have the sign of autism. Inclusiveness is the key step to support those families struggling with one or more kids with autism.   God give challenges to some to those who are gifted with any type tough situations in the life.

Please do come and support this " Thandaigalai Thaandu"  on  December 3rd, 2017  5:00 P.M  @ Metropolitan Centre.

Team Behind the Production

Press Meet

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