North American Singers in Indian Music- With Agni Band

Aditya Rao -        Shasha Tirupathi  - Sid Sriram  -The Prophecy

AGNI performed on the last day of CMR Star Fest.  This Year STARFest Stage Setup and Audio at International Center was praised by lot of viewers. As a photographers we admit, it is a true moment capturing experience.

AGNI has done lot of preparation towards this show. Lot of  experienced dance group performed in this show.  It is amazing to notice all the Singers who participated born and brought up in North America or Canadians.

North American Talents are increasing in numbers in Indian Music Industry.  There is only one area most of the bands missing Sound Engineering aspect.  Most of the imported bands from South India mastered in audio- sound engineering.  Sound Engineers are traveling with the bands to enhance the sound.

Sylvia Francis

Untitled photo

AGNI - Executive

Branding any product needs lot of efforts. Agni has branded in South Indian music in Canada.  Francis Family have proved a music show with colorful presentation. 


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