Dance beyond Arangetram

Bharathanatyam is one  of the oldest Dance Form, mostly referred with Hindu Mythology originated from Tamilnadu, India.  Lot of Discipline and  training required to be performer. As suggested, a professional performance can only be performed only after a successful completion of  Arangetram. 

However, the learning process is still continued as "Guru-Shyshya" approach even in North America. The style of the dancer may slightly differ from one group to another based on the root of Guru.

Kalaimanram Academy of Fine Arts and Yoga is a Toronto based  School.  Students of this School completed more than 80 Arangetrams is significant achievement.  This school does advanced teachers training for those who want to become dance teachers.

Graduated Students produced "Abhinaya Darpana"  a dance production to show-case their talents.  Dance was demonstrated using Mathematical shapes and co-ordination.

Here are some of the highlights.

Guru - Nirainjana Chandru

Untitled photo

Kalaisan Kalaichelvan - Male Dancer

Untitled photo

Ishwaria Chandru

Untitled photo

emcee - Ramanan Santhirasegaramoorthy

Untitled photo


Dance Program Slide Show

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